The average European penis in the erection is over 14 centimeters, which on the one hand is a fairly decent result, and on the other for many men is still unrecognizable. So some of them are looking for help to increase their masculinity. While some reach for complicated, expensive and dangerous operations, others choose to trust nature and pills to enlarge a member of Natural XL. Why just them? Because they have a completely safe, herbal-plant composition and all active substances come straight from extracts and extracts obtained from healthy plants. This makes Natural XL supplement quite different from competing preparations available on the market: without synthetic and chemical compounds it can be taken by people using other pharmaceuticals, and its effects are not weakened even by a small dose of alcohol. In order for Natural XL penis enlargement pills to achieve maximum self-efficacy and increase it by up to 3-4 cm, use two a day for at least 3 months of therapy. After this time, you will notice noticeable changes in the size of the penis in terms of its length, but above all its thickness. In many cases, however, the differences are noticeable significantly earlier, even after about 10-14 days of daily taking Natural XL and following the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you are looking for a mild supplement in pills that will help you get your dream size, then Natural XL is right for you. When looking at the composition of this dietary supplement to increase the member, you can see, among others, ground mace, L-arginine, licorice root and the mysteriously sounding name Cucubita Pep. Buzdyganek is widely used in the case of ailments due to male sexuality – potency disorders, premature ejaculations, loss of potency, because it acts as a strong aphrodisiac and acts on the circulatory system. Thanks to L-arginine, Natural XL penis enlargement tablets have features that expand and oxygenate the cavernous bodies in the penis, which results in a natural increase in its size. Licorice root together with the last ingredient are substances that are responsible for stronger control of the endocrine system, including increased testosterone in the blood. Combined together in Natural XL tablets, they allow you to get an amazingly fast result, which is almost instant and durable erection, but with one difference – the penis is larger, more swollen and, above all, thicker due to the stronger blood supply. Studies emphasize that it can increase by up to 30% of its former length, which is the result of one of the best penis enlargement dietary supplements available for sale.

Expert opinion

As sexologists, we already know how to remove potency disorders, we know what to do in the event of premature ejaculation, and we can help men who lose their unexpected desire for sex. The problem with the small penis complex was unusually long to solve, however, the only beneficial option was only surgery. The medical community, especially sexology, was very uncertain about Natural XL recommended as penis enlargement pills. Today, after dozens of conducted experiments, tests and thousands of recommendations from proud customers, we can say that we finally found a dietary supplement supporting member growth. But the most interesting in all of this is the information that such a supplement was created entirely from healthy elements, without adding any artificial, synthetic chemical ingredients. And they are actually the most common cause of side effects and lack of beneficial effects in treatments.
For me as a sexologist it is significant that Natural XL are penis enlargement tablets that I can recommend to any man. Their action is not dependent on the patient’s physical, health or mental state, much less on his age. For legal reasons, Natural XL can only be used after the age of eighteen. During the conducted research, not a single case of the body’s poor response to the active substances was shown, however, the manufacturer warns against using Natural XL those men who are allergic to any of its ingredients. As a dietary supplement, they can be taken along with various specifics with completely different functioning, vitamins and medicines. There are no contraindications to their use in the case of chronic ailments. I recommend a dietary supplement for increasing the penis Natural XL, because I know what these pills conceal and how effective they affect male masculinity complexes.
Instead of using low-benefit mechanical pumps or exposing yourself to pain and unpleasantness associated with the operative enlargement of a member, it is worth reaching for these non-invasive and safe tablets. It is enough to use two a day regularly, to get rid of the feeling of shame because of the length and thickness of your own member. The optimal treatment should last about three months, but in a significant number of cases the desired results are noticeable much faster, which only declares the effectiveness of Natural XL. Since it is available without a prescription, you do not need to consult its use and stress when ordering this supplement at the pharmacy. Purchases can be made securely and anonymously online. As a sexologist, doctor and man – I recommend it!

Customers opinion

Daniel 29 years old

What can I say, these pills just work. I waited a while, but the effect is perfect.

Paweł 20 years old

Zero more stress and complexes. The ratio is excellent and the member is much longer.

Darek 35 years old

Two weeks were enough to notice the difference. However, the partner is extremely satisfied.

Emil 38 years old

Natural XL is the best penis enlargement pills I’ve ever used.

Wacław 33 years old

Instant effect, zero side effects. The member is longer, but I can have sex much longer than before.


– L-arginine
– Cucubita Pep
– Ground buzzer
– Licorice root